We specialize in precision slitting and sheeting of coated, specialty and plain paper as well as paperboard roll stock. We have a full in-house machine shop for fabricating custom equipment and fixtures giving us the ability to provide unique paper and paperboard converting services to our customers.

Slitting/Rewinding Capabilities:
• Slit widths from 1” to 72”
• Rewind diameter up to 60”
• Rewind core diameter: 3”, 4” & 6”
• Unwind diameter up to 84”
• Unwind core diameter: 3” to 12”
• Caliper: 0.002” to 0.030”
• Shear , Razor & Crush slitting

Sheeting Capabilities:
• Max sheet width: 72”
• Max sheet length: 80”
• Max unwind width: 74”
• Max unwind diameter: 84”
• Max slits of web width: 3
• Caliper: 0.005” to 0.030”

Additional Services:
• Roll salvage
• Roll Sawing (limited)
• Custom Labeling
• Custom Packaging
• Exporting container loads

UniSlit Corporation, located in Florence, S.C., is a film, paper and paperboard converting company with deep roots in mechanical engineering and machine fabrication as well as producing heavy duty floor mats. Our family company, DIMMCO, Inc. (Dixie Machining & Mfg. Company), has been designing and fabricating specialty machines and equipment for the film and paper converting industry for over 30 years.

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